Gold bars for sale available in various sizes from 10g up to 10000kg ideal for all. Our smaller 10g, 25g & 50g bars make wonderful gifts, How to Buy AU Gold online, whereas our larger 100kg, 250kg, 500kg and 1ton gold bars are ideal for larger investors seeking the lowest premiums.

Buy Rough Diamond online, Our diamonds are fully certified by experts and are available in a number of different weights, types and sizes with our prices being low and affordable, offering diamonds up to 40% cheaper than traditional Jewelry stores

We offer best quality Red Mercury at affordable prices. Buy Liquid Red Mercury online is said that red mercury is a cherry red semi-liquid material. The intensity of red mercury is high about 20.2 g / cm 3, like the Alneptinyum 237 are intensity as a non-radioactive.

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BSLM GOLD Limited is one of the largest online dealers concentrating on selling gold, daimond and limestone directly to the public over the world wide web. The public would be receiving enormous savings from one of the present and future leader in the gold, diamond and limestone world. We guarantee our customers continual access to one of the largest inventories of gold, diamond and Red Mercury .


Using a customer-first approach aimed at maximizing your investment and provide results beyond your expectation based on our core principles.


If we cannot mine safely, we will not mine


We act with honesty, fairness and transparency


We treat all stakeholders with trust, dignity and respect

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Is it safe to buy Gold in Cameroon Africa now?

Yes Is it safe to order Gold in Cameroon Africa from an online shop called Bertoua Savanna local Miners (, They are certified Gold suppliers and Investors in

Cameroon located in Africa and do worldwide shipping. Buying Gold and investing online is legal and safely in Cameroon from us with diplomatic delivery via FedEx or brinks only.
Bertoua Savanna local Miners ( in collaboration with the ministry of mines in Cameroon has put to place a method of combating fraud in Cameroon with the help of DEA and Interpol. Before placing an order for Gold or investing in this precious metal called Gold. You need to contact us. Exit permit license must be required before transporting the Gold to buyers location. 

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