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What is Sugilite?

BSLM Gold offer best quality Sugilite is a cyclosilicate mineral with a hexagonal system that likes to form prismatic crystals.

It is nearly as hard as apatite or orthoclase feldspar, with a Mohs hardness of 5.5-6.5.

Sugilite is less hard than quartz, which has a hardness of 7.

Sugilite Properties

Although sugilite is frequently described as largely transparent, it has a hazy appearance. When polished, a single sugilite gemstone will show a variety of purple colors as well as deeper veins that may be near to black.

These veins and color variations are visible in raw stones as well, but polishing brings them out even more and highlights their beauty.

Sugilite Color

Sugilite’s greatest distinguishing feature is its color, which is frequently characterized as “grape jelly purple.”

Sugilite comes in a variety of purple and violet hues.

Some of the stones have cold, indigo-like colours, while others have very warm, plum-like hues that border on pink.

Sugilite gemstones can be very black, medium-toned, or light in color.

The majority of stones will have a variety of colors going through them.

The most continuous feature of sugilite’s hue is how eye-catching it is.

The striking intensity of Sugilite immediately draws your attention.

Stones that are bright pink can be equally as valuable as those that are deep purple.

Sugilite can also be found in different hues, like as yellow (which is not as highly valued).

Sugilite stone – crystal for sale

Sugilite, also known as Luvulite, is an extremely uncommon gemstone.

It’s only found in minor amounts in Japan and South Africa.

Rare pink crystals have been discovered in small quantities in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Other deposits have lately been discovered in New South Wales, Australia, Tajikistan, Italy, and Canada (Quebec).

Natural Sugilite is frequently utilized by healers to treat dyslexia, pain alleviation, and motor disfunction.

Sugilite, a light-colored mineral, is used to treat lymphatic and blood-related issues.

It teaches you how to conduct your life in accordance with your own truth.

It gives you the ability to deal with difficult situations, stimulates optimistic thinking, and relieves emotional distress.
Sugilite is also regarded as one of the most significant love stones.

With its lovely purple rays, it denotes spiritual love and knowledge, opening and connecting all of the chakras to love for the user. In addition to spiritual concerns, love, and forgiveness, this unused fresh loving stone educates and protects.

It shields the soul from mental and emotional harm.

It also helps to release frustrations and spiritual strain.

It offers brightness and love to the wearer’s worst times.

It helps the person forgive by removing animosity.

To cure sadness, the ideal technique is to place a natural unused sugilite gemstone on the third eye.

For headaches, place your hand on your brow.

Combine sugilite with amethyst to boost its defensive properties.

Combine with hematite to aid in the anchoring of light in the physical world.

For the finest astrological outcomes, it is usually recommended to purchase unused real gemstones.
Sugilite is distinguished by its dark purple color, which can be uniform or mottled, veined or layered, and can be uniform or mottled. Sugilite is most commonly found in large form, with crystals being exceedingly rare. Sugilite can be blended with chalcedony quartz or black matrix, resulting in a variety of distinct properties such as hardness. Sugilite may be identified using a combination of characteristics such as color, Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6.5, and chemical composition. Chalcedony has a lower density (2.58 to 2.64) than sugilite, which has a density of 2.76 to 2.8.
Gem Color Dark Purple

Gem Clarity Opaque

Gem Refractive Index 1.61 avg.

Gem Specific Gravity S.G. 2.78

Gem Hardness 6.50 on moh’s scale

Gem Dichroism None ( Opaque)

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Uses of Sugilite stone – crystal

Sugilite has no significant industrial use.

Because it is not particularly hard, it is prone to breaking, limiting its usefulness.

Its bright hue and rarity make it a one-of-a-kind and lovely diamond that should be treasured for aesthetic reasons.

As a result, it is mostly used in jewelry and stone sculptures.

Sugilite Buying Guide

One of the most crucial things to remember while shopping for sugilite is that there is fake sugilite on the market. It’s easy to confuse imitation sugilite for the real thing. Typically, marble is colored purple to resemble the strong tones of sugilite for this purpose. Marble has a loose texture that resembles that of sugilite, especially when both have been polished. You get the same bright and dark spots with marble.

Imitation sugilite is sometimes appropriately labeled as such, however it is occasionally offered as genuine sugilite. So be aware if the pricing does not meet your expectations or if you are unfamiliar with the piece’s history. Be particularly cautious if a piece is from Asia, where most sugilite sales (of both real and fake sugilite) take place.

Sugilite Value

When determining the price of sugilite, cut and clarity aren’t important variables.

The gemstone will seldom be crystal clear, and it will rarely be faceted, as faceting does not bring out the greatest features of the stone.

The majority of sugilite gemstones are either raw or tumbled.

The color intensity is the most important component in determining value.

The more purple the stone is, the more valuable it is.

As long as the color is deep enough, mottling has no effect on pricing.

Patches that are lighter in color might lower the price estimate.

Per carat, you should anticipate to pay between $16 and $25.

Because huge sugilite stones are relatively abundant, size has no bearing on value.

You will often find pieces weighing as much as 10 carats. Note that it is difficult to estimate the value of translucent sugilite because the glassy form of the stone is quite rare compared to the cloudy, mottled form.

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Sugilite is quite a rare gemstone, and it’s incredibly beautiful too. It was first discovered in 1944 by a Japanese petrologist named Ken-ichi Sugi, which is where it gets its unique name.

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Sugilite Meaning

The deep purple color of sugilite makes it most strongly associated with the crown chakra. As a result, sugilite is considered a deeply spiritual stone, one which can connect you with your spirit guides and attune you to a higher plane of reality. It is considered a very healing stone, one which is very soothing for people suffering from emotional distress. It is linked to peace of mind and has a very balanced energy. Since sugilite was only discovered in the 20th century, there are no known historical meanings associated with the gem.

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