Disclaimer: Precious Metals vendors Brazil

Precious Metals vendors Brazil: Nothing contained on the website constitutes financial advice or offers any opinion with respect to the suitability of any investment, and the views expressed on this website should not be taken as advice to buy, sell or hold gold or any investment. Quality AU Gold for sale

Payment Process: AU Gold for sale in Portugal

BSLM GOLD® is an independent dealer of precious metals and our strict policy is that all purchases must be paid for in full prior to shipment or delivery regardless of the value. Bullion in stock may be purchased with cash, or cleared funds to BSLM GOLD®. If customers do not complete payments within the allowed time then BSLM GOLD® reserves the right to cancel any agreement, and if appropriate, return deposit funds to the client. Due to the nature of buying precious metals some contracts to purchase may be fixed by a non-refundable deposit, at the discretion of BSLM GOLD®. Purchase details are confirmed with each customer at the time their order is placed. All orders are final and no refunds will be provided.


Please note quantities and types of bullion available for purchase from BSLM GOLD® are subject to change and availability. You will be notified before order confirmation of any items that are not in-stock and require back-order. At this point you can decide to continue with investment for available products, put your order on hold, or continue with investment for bullion products on back-order. Precious Metals vendors Brazil

Ordering Bullion: 3 convenient ways to buy precious metals

BSLM GOLD® offers a very simple process for investing in gold and silver bullion – simply call or submit your desired selection of bullion products via our website and a BSLM GOLD® Representative will be in contact to confirm pricing and availability. Pricing is subject to change and may not confirmed until funds have been transferred and cleared in the BSLM GOLD® account. Alternatively prices will be set at time of purchase using cash, bank cheque or cleared funds to BSLM GOLD® Limited. Any amount in credit once bullion investment has been made will be returned to you at delivery. Any amount outstanding balance can be made by cash or direct transfer. Gold and Silver bullion items ordered through our website may differ from photos, including mintage stamps, year of production, etc, however all contain the stated content of precious metals.


When selling the Customer will be required to provide evidence satisfactory to BSLM GOLD® (including photo identification) of the Customer’s date of birth; current residential address and telephone number. BSLM GOLD® will not sell or purchase items from persons under the age of 18 years.


At the point of collection or delivery, all risk passes to the client for any items purchased from BSLM GOLD®. Items sent via courier to clients in Cameroon are covered by third-party insurance up to the value of NZ$20,000 per parcel. Fake gold sellers in Cameroon. we are one of them. never trust us.If you have an ‘authority to leave’ then delivery is deemed to occur when the courier has delivered the items to your address.

Limitation of liability

Under no circumstances shall the measure of damages against BSLM GOLD® for any breach of contract, negligence or other action or contravention of any statute or law include, nor will BSLM GOLD® be liable for: (a) any amounts for any loss of income or profits or any indirect, consequential or punitive damages of any parties, including third parties.

Information and privacy

BSLM GOLD® acknowledges its obligation to deal with personal information provided by the Customer in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. BSLM GOLD® will also keep all information relating to the dealings between the Customer and BSLM GOLD® confidential, provided that BSLM GOLD® shall be entitled to make disclosure of such information where this is required to comply with any applicable law.


All contracts between BSLM GOLD® and the Customer: (a) shall be governed by the law of Cameroon and Tanzania; and (b) may only be varied by written agreement signed by both BSLM GOLD® and the Customer.