Cattle gallstone suppliers China

Product Description

Cattle gallstone suppliers China: Since 1988 we deliver cattle gallstones from various regions of the World, with the vast majority originating from Europe. Otherwise gallstones from ex-soviet states and regions spanning across south to central America and also Africa are available at times.

Cattle gallstone suppliers China

Gallstones are removed near the liver after being isolated from any waste products such as bile and bile tubes.
To eliminate any blood or other flaws, wash with cold water.
They are then dried in a dark, well-ventilated chamber at a temperature of 20°C for two to three weeks.
They are rotated to the opposite side on a frequent basis to ensure that they dry properly and do not clump together.
The stones are vacuum packaged and sealed when the drying process is completed.

Ox Cattle Cow Gallstones Buyer in Hong Kong

Our firm, Cheong Hing Trading Co., is a major buyer and collector of natural Ox gallstones, also known as Cattle Gallstones, Cow Bezoar, Calculus bovis, Bovine Gallstones, and Niu Huang.

Due to Covid-19 and Hong Kong’s package delivery constraints.
We’ve teamed up with a French company to get Ox gallstones.

Cattle gallstone suppliers China(Niuhuang) are frequently used in Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) with Coptisroot(Huanglian), Rhinohorn(Xijao), Animalic Musk (Shexiang), natural Indigo(Qindai) and the Ghostleafflower (Jinyinhua) in the Formula Angong Niuhuang Wan.

Quality and Classification

  • Especially high demand exists for gallstones with following properties: of light yellow, golden or orange colour.
  • Stones that are well-dried
  • Zarge stones
  • Bilirubin content not below 35%
  • Dark stones will also be bought but for significantly lower prices

The stones are traded in the following specifications:

  • 100% Whole stones
  • 90% Whole stone/ 10% broken stone
  • 80% Whole stone/ 20% broken stone
  • 70% Whole stone/ 30% broken stone
  • 60% Whole stone/ 40% broken stone
  • 100% Gallstone powder/sand

The stones must have the natural odor of healthy animals that are not infected with mad cow disease.
Stones from the liver, kidneys, bile tubes, moldy stones, bloodstones, cholesterol stones, and any other type of stone from another animal will not be purchased!


The delivery takes place when the order has been placed and the contract criteria have been agreed upon by FedEx.

The delivery will be accompanied by the following documentation, as requested by the client:

  • Certificate of origin
  • Certificate over BSE-Freedom
  • Health Certificate
  • Analysis Certificate (performed by German laboratory)
  • Trade receipt

For Gallstones originating from Brazil following documents are added in:

  • Description of the manufacturing process
  • Result log of bacteriological inspection

Delivery Capacity

Delivery concerns units of 1-5 kg per delivery. The monthly amount might vary and is orientated by season and demand.

Is it safe to buy Cattle gallstone in Asia now?

Yes Is it safe to buy Cattle gallstone online in China or Europe from online verified sellers called Bertoua Savanna Local Miners (BSLMgold) in Africa Cameroon, They are certified Cow gallstone suppliers in Japan located in Tokyo and Beijing and do worldwide and within USA shipping. Buying Ox/Cow gallstone online is legal and safe in Africa from us with overnight delivery via FedEx only.

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