CEMAC License Scams in Cameroon

CEMAC License Scams in Cameroon

How to avoid CEMAC License Scams in Cameroon, Can you avoid Cameroon Gold Scams online? Fake Cemac permit scams in Cameroon, and Exit permit scams in Cameroon? Looking to Trusted Gold where to buy in Cameroon online. BSLMGOLD Cemac permits Cameroon, Ministry of Mines Cameroon Gold.

Bertoua Savanna Local Miners (BSLMgold) in Africa Cameroon. we are collectors of Gold and rough diamonds in Cameroon and do collect from local miners around the village council and then resell them to worldwide vendors. our prices are very good.


Gabriel DODO NDOKE The Ministry of Mines, Industry, and Technological Development is in charge of the elaboration and implementation of the Government’s mining and industrial policy and technological development strategies within the various sectors of the national economy.

Has implemented new Gold documents that must be used before the purchase of Gold in Africa Cameroon which is called the BUYERS AUTHORIZATION PERMIT.

So any seller claiming to ask for the CEMAC PERMIT IS A PURE SCAM. All buyers out of the Cemac Zone willing to purchase Gold must get the BUYERS AUTHORIZATION PERMIT from BSLMGOLD ( Bertoua Savanna Local Miners ) or directly from the Ministry of Mines in Cameroon.

But we advise all buyers to kindly download the BUYERS AUTHORIZATION PERMIT FORM from our website, Use a pen to fill in the information required. Make sure to choose 2 or 5 years, scan and attach your Passport copy and revert to us.

Please Note only the seller or Village chief can apply for the BUYER’s AUTHORIZATION PERMIT on the buyer’s behalf and send it directly to the Ministry of Mines to avoid scams. Because some fake websites claim to be the Ministry Of Mines Official websites.


CEMAC License Scams in Cameroon
CEMAC License Scams in Cameroon
CEMAC License Scams in Cameroon

Is the CEMAC Buyers Permit Real or scam – BSLMGold
African governments are interested in buying gold from individuals as well as trust companies who want to sell gold. The CEMAC buyers permit is not a scam and the most trusted company to buy Gold in Cameroon is BSLMGold.gov.net and the verified ministry of mines in Cameroon is minmiidt-gov.net. So make sure to do some research before you order AU Gold online from Cameroon.

Cameroon CEMAC Gold Permit

How to get around an already issued CEMAC Permit. A Cemac certificate is issued by the government of Cameroon to show that you are an approved buyer of gold and diamonds.

The government controls the goods, diamonds, or gold and secures that the seller is paying the export fees. The government ministry of mines then arranges for the shipment to the buyer.

How to invest in Gold from Cameroon Africa in 2023, The Cemac is then supposed to guarantee the rights to purchase for a period of one to five years. The chance to get a real offer from a seller that accepts the Cemac certificate is as said earlier very high. But that goes for one reason or another for new Gold Cemac Permit certificates.

Exit permit scams online in 2023

If you already have a certificate then the sellers want to meet in Cameroon to meet and sign the agreement. The obvious explanation is that the sellers do not trust their government ministry of mines or it may be that the cost of exportation can be avoided. Exit permit scams in Cameroon

If you like me have learned from previous mistakes is that the seller does not have anything at all. When he could not catch the Cemac fee at least he can do something in Cameroon. Exit permit scams in Cameroon

BSLMGOLD Cemac permits Cameroon, So please be careful when dealing with sellers from Cameroon, they are just as bad as everybody else. They have on paper support from their government for their fraudulent behavior. Furthermore, you need to contact BSLMGold.gov.net and get instructions on how to buy or invest in Gold from Cameroon.

Pay the costs of doing business and use the support systems offered by the respective nation. Guide to invest in Gold from Cameroon Africa online in 2023, Fake Cemac permit scams.

BSLMGOLD Cemac permit Cameroon

Exporters beware of Fake CEMAC Certification Authority

Exporters beware of fake CEMAC Certification Authority which is set up by scammers. contact us

Can you avoid Cameroon Gold Scams? Some fake importers after showing interest in your products will claim to place orders and process payments in your favor only to lure you to a fake CEMAC certification authority. Here they will say you need to obtain certification to export to Cameroon. They will ask you to make deposits and you will end up losing funds and you will only get bogus certificates. So BSLMGOLD is the best and most trusted online website to buy and invest in Gold from Cameroon.

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