High-Quality Wood Pellets

High-Quality Wood Pellets

Hardwood Pellets – Green and Hot

High-Quality Wood Pellets are just compressed sawdust – the waste product of lumberyards and sawmills. In compressing sawdust to form pellets, no glues or chemicals are used. Wood pellets are 100% natural. A bag of wood pellets typically costs much less than the comparable BTU’s from propane, natural gas or a bundle of wood. And buying wood pellets in bulk further lowers the cost.

Besides reducing and reusing waste, not adding greenhouse gases to the environment, and creating jobs, pellets store easily and burn cleanly. Wood pellet stoves produce less smoke pollution, do not promote deforestation, produce little waste and are energy efficient.

One bag of pellets (40 lbs) creates a cup of ash. That’s it! Little waste, little work.

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North American leader of Wood pellets

In 1995, faithful to our environmental commitment and zero waste policy, we created Lauzon Bois Énergétique Recyclé. This manufacturing division is dedicated to recovering wood residue generated by our factories, sawmill and those of other manufacturers. The production result is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly densified heating pellet.

Lauzon Bois Énergétique Recyclé is recognized as a leading North American pellet producer. The hardwood gasoline pellets lead the market in terms of heat output (BTU) and burn time. This performance allows us to heat all of our facilities from recovered tailings, in addition to supplying many businesses, institutions and individuals across eastern Canada and the northern United States.

The division’s head office is located at the manufacturing plant in Papineauville, Outaouais. A second production site in St-Paulin, Mauricie was opened to allow us access to a second raw material supply basin.

Our Commitment to Wood pellets

We promise to deliver a superior product that assures peak performance to every customer. We are dedicated to advancing our understanding and searching for ongoing innovation in the recovery of leftover biomass from wood processing facilities. We work hard to continue being one of Quebec’s top producers of value-added energy products.

We are dedicated to the sustainability of the earth and our team, much like the other members of the Lauzon group.

We are certain that by being open and encouraging listening, respect, and involvement, we can build leadership skills, competence, and a dedication to a creative and innovative environment. Any development must, in our opinion, be done with the least possible negative impact on the environment and its long-term viability. We are proud to be a carbon-neutral company.


Our wood pellets are made from fibre originating from the deciduous forests of North America. Here the slow growth of trees produces a wood pellet that is more energy efficient, it burns longer with less ash production read more. This product provides a warm, comforting and secure environment for any home plus it’s a wise choice for the environment.

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