verified gold investors in Cameroon

verified gold investors in Cameroon

verified gold investors in Cameroon, Cameroon is rich in natural and human resources, with many potentials unexplored or under-explored. Cameroon is widely regarded as the wealthiest nation in West Africa. Investment opportunities in Cameroon provide ways to make passive income.

From the South, which is blessed with oil and other natural resources, to the north, which is blessed with gold and other resources, Cameroon is full of opportunities for anyone willing to invest. This article reveals the most lucrative investment opportunities in Cameroon.

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There is something for everyone! No matter your budget, there are opportunities you can invest in. From as little as 20000 FCFA (20K) or 50K to the great millions of XAF, you can invest in Cameroon and expect a good return on your investment. This article covers investment opportunities in Cameroon for low-income and high-income earners. For foreign investors too.

Why Should You Invest in Cameroon?

There are many reasons why you should consider Gold investing in Cameroon. 

With over 30 million people, Cameroon has the people, manpower, and workforce that will help any business thrive. The minimum wage in Cameroon is low compared to other nations. This means you can spend less and get more done.

There are numerous government incentives, including tax holidays, duty drawbacks, investment allowances, tax exemptions, export development funds, double taxation reliefs, and many more.

There is an influx of investors from China, The West, and Nigeria into Cameroon. Cameroonians are also waking up to invest in their country.

Buy gold bars from Cameroon and avoid scams

Buy gold bars from Cameroon and avoid scams.

Are you looking to buy gold bars from Cameroon and avoid scams, contact us and we will help you find the right supplier.

To buy gold bars in Cameroon is very much the same as buying gold bars elsewhere. A lot of fun and a great investment in the future. Gold always keeps its value in the end and, in times of economic uncertainty, invariably improves.

Cameroon has become a major powerhouse in the gold trade industry with an annual production of about 58,000-70,000 ounces of gold produced per month. There’s currently a great opportunity for all those looking to buy gold online from this country.

Buying gold bars from Cameroon can be very tricky as many scam artists are looking to take advantage of people and rip them off their hard-earned money. This blog is dedicated to making sure you buy gold from Cameroon and avoid getting scammed.

Avoid Gold scams online

We have come up with a list of verified vendors from Cameroon and you can now contact them directly to buy gold online. These are mostly local artisan miners who sell gold at discounted rates lower than that of the World market.

You do not have to worry about losing money online while trying to buy gold bars. Contact us today and we will reply with a list of verified sellers of gold in Cameroon.

If you are in contact with any vendor who claims to sell gold online, tell them to send you their Company Registration documents or simply ask for the following :

  • Export Business License No.
  • Taxpayer Identification No. (TIN)
  • Company Registration number

When they send you the above information, you send it to us. We will take the information, verify it with their Ministry of Mines or Chamber of Commerce and get back to let you know if they are legit or fake.

This system was created to help reduce the gold seller scam in Africa which increases every day and many buyers lose money online. It has been very effective so far.

So, go ahead, make your day! Buy gold in Cameroon!

Financing the Growth

Cameroon’s financial system is still quite underdeveloped. Access to financial services, including financial advisory services, is generally limited to large foreign or foreign-connected companies operating in the mining and energy sectors. Local companies, specifically small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), struggle to access cash. Loans with reasonable interest rates are rare for all-sized companies in the market.

Greetings everyone and thank you for tuning in once more on Sino business, my name is Ella Mojoko and today we will be discussing Gold mining in Cameroon.

I met a client of mine like three months ago, who came to Cameroon for a case study on gold mining, I was actually at a restaurant around town, busy with a meeting I came to attend when he overheard me talk and asked the waiter to tell me that he will like to talk to me when am through if I don’t mind. thereafter, I went to discuss it with him and he explained his mission to me, we worked on the project together and today I decided to share it with you or anyone else interested in how to exploit Gold in Cameroon. so if you are seeing this Alex you inspired this post.

This is a broad topic, which cannot be explained in detail in this blog post, so am going to just give an overview of the topic. if you are new to my blog do subscribe to receive emails of new blog posts like this one and leave a comment or contact us for more information or inquiries.

ok, let’s get right into it.

How to Order Gold from Cameroon

Ready to purchase gold from Bslmgold MINERS? Not too fast. You may not be quite ready to place an order yet. Before you proceed to the order form, please read this very vital piece of information below.

An EXIT Buyer’s Permit is required by anyone venturing into the business of buying gold and other precious metals in the EXIT region (Cameroon, Chad, the Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of Congo). The EXIT Buyer’s Permit is a license that ensures that every transaction is done, certified, and verified by the government through the Ministry of Mines.

Buyers currently residing in Cameroon can apply for an EXIT Buyer’s Permit in person at the Ministry of Mines, Industries, and Technological Development at the Ministerial Building, Yaounde.

verified gold investors in Cameroon, If you are not currently in Cameroon, obtaining the EXIT Buyer’s Permit won’t be a problem at all since you can do it directly online.

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