Buying Sugilite stones

Buying Sugilite stones and Determining Sugilite Gemstone Value

Sugilite Color

Buying Sugilite stones, The hue of sugilite gemstones can be pinkish, lilac, plum, magenta, reddish-purple, or bluish-purple.
It might be a solid hue, or it can be mottled, veined, blotchy, or layered. Buying Sugilite stones
Cabochons may have black matrix as well (the host rock).
Yellowish or reddish blotches, as well as light purple or white spots, can be seen in sugilite.
A homogeneous reddish-purple tint is the most ideal.
Gemstones with unusual or appealing patterns, on the other hand, may fetch high prices.

Buying Sugilite stones

Sugilite Clarity and Luster

Minor impurities may exist in sugilite, and it may be combined with chalcedony. It may feature veins, spots, or layers of black matrix inclusions. Vitreous, resinous, or waxy lusters are available. The majority of sugilite is opaque, with the exception of a few rare gemstones that are translucent.

Sugilite Cut and Shape

Translucent sugilite can be faceted. However, most materials are opaque, and are carved or cut en cabochon. Sugilite is also used for inlay work, tumbled and drilled for beads.

Sugilite Treatment

Sugilite is usually untreated and unimproved.
Heating, on the other hand, can brighten dark-colored sugilite.
It is known that imitation sugilite exists, and that sugilite is periodically colored to improve color.
Any treatment or augmentation is disclosed by all respectable gemstone merchants.

Sugilite Gemstone Mythology, Metaphysical and Alternative Crystal Healing Powers

Sugilite is believed to provide positive energy and to help its wearer to focus on desired achievements. Additionally, sugilite is thought to reduce stress and encourage feelings of spiritual love. In traditional Hindu belief systems, sugilite is associated with Sahasrara, or the crown chakra. This chakra is related to higher consciousness, the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. In feng shui, sugilite has yang fire energy. Sugilite is not a traditional birthstone.


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