Suppliers of Sugilite Gemstone

What Is Sugilite? How to buy Sugilite crystals

Suppliers of Sugilite Gemstone is a rare mineral and gemstone that is prized for its vivid pink to purple hues. Mineral collectors and lapidarists are on the lookout for high-quality specimens (people who cut and polish gems).

Sugilite is a mineral composed of sodium potassium lithium silicate.
Some sugilite specimens have a pink to purple tint due to small quantities of manganese.
The following is its chemical make-up: Suppliers of Sugilite Gemstone


The composition of sugilite varies because iron, manganese, and aluminum can substitute for one another. This makes the color and other properties of sugilite variable.

Suppliers of Sugilite Gemstone
Suppliers of Sugilite Gemstone

Sugilite Gemology: can i order Sugilite stones

Sugilite was first discovered in 1944. It did not enter the gem and jewelry market until 1979, after commercial quantities of gemstone-quality sugilite were found at the Wessels Mine in South Africa. [1]

Very few jewelry consumers are familiar with sugilite. Why? Because it is a rare mineral, only available in small quantities, has a short commercial history, and has never been heavily promoted.

where to buy Sugilite gemstones

Anyone interested in buying sugilite jewelry, loose stones, or cutting rough should have a good understanding of the material.
The gem’s circumstances that they could come across are detailed below.

1) Natural sugilite: This is a naturally occurring material that consists entirely of natural sugilite. Attractive pieces of this material should sell for the highest prices, with an attractive, uniform color being an important element of value. This material is the choice of a person who wants to purchase a wonderful product of nature.

2) A natural mixture of sugilite and other minerals: This is a naturally occurring rock made up of sugilite and other minerals. These materials can be attractive and desirable. Their color, pattern and appearance are important elements of value, but these items will sell for a lower price than equally attractive items comprised entirely of natural sugilite.

Buy with caution:

It can be difficult to determine the difference between sugilite, rocks containing copious sugilite, block sugilite, and various coloured and counterfeit materials based just on “seeing.”
Sugilite may be distinguished from several of its imitators using microscopy, spectroscopy, specific gravity measurement, and refractive index testing.
You should get the identify of a sugilite object certified by a gemological laboratory if you are spending a lot of money on it.

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