How to Apply for a Cemac Buyer Permit

How to Apply for a Cemac Buyer Permit

How to Apply for a Cemac Buyer Permit Online in Cameroon? The primary purpose of the Cemac Buyer’s Permit issued by the Ministry of Mines in Cameroon and give him/her the legal right to purchase gold and other minerals in Cameroon. The buyer will then obtain a buying permit from the Ministry of Mines, without the buying permit precious metals cannot leave the country, and this money

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Order Gold from Cameroon Online

Great news for you. The process of ordering gold from Cameroon has been greatly cut down thanks to the persistent advocacy of some dedicated stakeholders in the gold mining and trading arena, BSLMGOLD-GOV.NET included. Secondly, you can order gold directly online. No need for visas and coming in person. We can arrange everything for you, especially the process of acquiring a CEMAC Buyer’s Permit which is a compulsory requirement for anyone ordering gold from a CEMAC Member State like Cameroon.

Now you can order gold products such as gold nuggets, gold dore bars, gold bars, and gold dust from any reputable Cameroon-based registered mining company such as BSLMGOLD-GOV.NET completely online. BSLMGOLD-GOV.NET is truly your number-one partner for gold and other precious metals from Cameroon. Don’t hesitate to contact us and order gold as soon as you are ready.


Since Cameroon is a CEMAC member state, you need the CEMAC Buyer’s permit before you can buy gold from Cameroon. If you are looking for some stunning gold and rough diamond products to add to your collection, you can go to our website and shop

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