How to Order Gold from Cameroon

How to Order Gold from Cameroon with the Ministry of Mines

How to Order Gold from Cameroon Online at a cheaper price. Where can I buy gold in Cameroon? You can order Gold in Cameroon from the Bertoua Savanna Local Miners (BSLMgold) in Africa Cameroon. Gold Buyers in Cameroon are very generous and helpful. Where To Sell Gold Bullion For Sale online at low rates from trusted vendors in Africa. If you looking for the best Gold Companies in Cameroon in 2023, you will find BSLMgold the number of trusted and reliable Gold suppliers in Africa. Buy Gold In Cameroon has become a priority for all tourists coming to visit our mining companies. We have therefore decided to merge our company with the Ministry of Mines in Cameroon to get the Exit Cemac permit buyers‘ authorization before purchasing Gold in Cameroon.

How to Order Gold from Cameroon

Where can I find gold in Cameroon?

In Cameroon, there has been more than a decade of increased expansion in small and medium-scale gold mining, particularly in the eastern and Adamawa regions, because of the rising price of the raw material on the world market and the discovery of many deposits.

How to Order Gold from Cameroon without getting Scam from fraud and fake Ministry of Mines website. If you looking to buy Gold in Cameroon from trusted and verified vendors and miners. Make to have the BUYER’s AUTHORIZATION PERMIT to get Gold shipped to the country location. Kindly make sure to download the FORM and fill in the information, Then revert to us for confirmation and application for your AUTHORIZATION PERMIT

Does Cameroon have gold mines?

In Cameroon, gold mining is developing chaotically and remains out of the government’s control. However, statistics from the Cameroonian Ministry of Mines show that gold is one of the most sought-after mineral substances by mining companies in the country. So if you looking to buy or invest in Gold from Cameroon, Buyers must have a Cemac exit buyers permit license from the Ministry of Mines before we can transport Gold out of the country.

Where is the best place to find gold?

Rivers and streambeds are the best places to look for gold. However, there are also several other places where gold can be found. Beaches are another commonplace to find gold. Beaches usually have a lot of sand and sediment, so it is important to look for pure gold in the crevices and cracks. You can also invest in Gold from Cameroon now in 2023 without any problems.

Cemac exit permit license

Ready to purchase gold from Bertoua Savanna Local Miners (BSLMgold) in Africa Cameroon? Not too fast. You may not be quite ready to place an order yet. Before you proceed to the order form, please read this very vital piece of information below.

An EXIT Buyer’s Permit is required by anyone venturing into the business of buying gold and other precious metals in the EXIT region (Cameroon, Chad, the Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of Congo). The EXIT Buyer’s Permit is a license that ensures that every transaction is done, certified, and verified by the government through the Ministry of Mines.

Visit the download page of the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development or click on this direct like to download the EXIT Buyers Permit Application Form.

How to Order Gold from Cameroon

Buy Gold from Africa Cameroon.

Bertoua Savanna Local Miners (BSLMgold) in Africa Cameroon’s goal is to have a unique inventory of gold nuggets, bars, and specimens at fair prices for our customers. We price our gold at a level that we know they will sell. I’m sure you have seen mineral dealers on the web who always seem to have the same inventory in stock because their prices are through the roof. Bertoua Savanna Local Miners (BSLMgold) in Africa Cameroon Ltd is NOT one of those sites! We are constantly updating inventory.

The primary purpose of the EXIT Buyer’s Permit issued by the Ministry of Mines is to authenticate the buyer and give him/her the legal right to purchase gold and other minerals in Cameroon. No authorized seller is permitted to sell to anyone who does not hold a valid EXIT Buyer’s Permit. NOTE: Inex Mint Will Take Care Of The Exit Buyer’s Permit If Your Order Is Above $10000

How to Order Gold from Cameroon

Exit Permits cost

  1.  Three-year permit – 5,500$ USD
  2.  Five Years Permits – 7,500 $ USD

Note: Before buying from any seller in Cameroon, please request their seller’s license and check for its validity on the License Verification Page. If you notice that someone claiming to be a seller gave you an invalid license number, please contact us for advice on how to proceed with your engagement because such a seller may not be authentic. How to invest in Cameroon Gold now in 2023 with the Bertoua Savanna Local Miners (BSLMgold) in Africa Cameroon.

Additionally, after Buying the permit, you are expected to pay the spot Shipment fee as a blow.

After the presentation of the Exit Permit & Authorization of Spot Shipment document, the courier will now begin with the delivery of Gold to the Buyer’s Refinery anywhere in the World. Gold Companies in Cameroon

Cost of the Authorization of Spot Shipment Document

The cost depends on the quantity of gold or diamond.

For Gold:

1-30 Kilos= $4000
31-50 Kilos= $7000
100-500 Kilos=$10,000
500-1000 Kilos= $18,000

For Rough Uncut Diamonds:

10-50 Carats= $3000
51-200 Carats= $6000
201-500 Carat= $8000
501-5000 Carats= $10,000
5001-25000 Carats= $15,000

We are now working with verified Gold investors located in Cameroon. So kindly note that this is the official procedure and requirement for everyone wishing to buy gold from Cameroon legally. We advise you to respect all these procedures so that we can all grow.

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