liquid mercury for sale

liquid mercury for sale

liquid mercury for sale. Wholesale and retail, international, discrete/rapid shipment. Red liquid mercury of the highest quality and properly balanced composition may be purchased from Metal Scrap Solution Center for a low cost.

We are an exclusive online retailer and supplier of pure red liquid mercury. We provide top-notch Pure Red Liquid Mercury 20/20 from the United States, China, and Denmark. Worldwide industries have a strong demand on the Pure Red Liquid Mercury 20/20 we offer for sale online. This product is located in Africa and USA

What Is Red Liquid Mercury 20/20?

It is said that red liquid mercury is a semi-liquid material red. People turn to describe red mercury as having magical properties. PURE RED MERCURY for sale. Today, though, we know it for its toxicity. But the use of mercury in ritual has persisted in some communities here in the US.

  • Red mercury is a semi-liquid material red cherry.
  • The intensity of red mercury is very high 20.2 g/ cm3.
  • This Hg2 Sb207 liquid is the Military Labs Material:
  • Antimony mercury oxide
  • Other names: Cherry Red liquid mercury
  • Formula: Sb2O7Hg2
  • Appearance: Cherry Red metal liquid

Properties of Red Liquid Mercury

  • Molecular Formula: Hg2 Sb207
  • Type:  Oxide Antimony Red Mercury
  • Frame:   Sb2O7Hg2
  • Quality:   Fluid, Semi liquid
  • Purity:      99.9999999% (9N)
  • Color :  Ponceau (Cherry red Homogeneous )
  • variety:     37.00016
  • Binding:   Energy: 211Kcal / mole
  • Density :   BK-20/20 – 20.2 gam (20.2 g/ cm3)
  • Melting point:  -37.67
  • Flashpoint:   170.026

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The intensity of red mercury is very high about 20.2 g / cm 3, which like the intensity Alneptinyum 237 as they are non-radioactive.

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