Lucrative Market of Ox Gallstones

Lucrative Market of Ox Gallstones

Lucrative Market of Ox Gallstones in oxen are the topic at hand. Gallstones are mineral deposits, not biological gallstone material, that are often seen in the gallbladders of cattle.

Depending on their size, form, and colour, we categorize many types of ox gallstones, and each of these has a high commercial worth.

Lucrative Market of Ox Gallstones

Size / Weight / Shape / Colour of Cattle Gallstones,

Gallstones resemble variously shaped and coloured stones.

There are only two common shapes: egg- or pyramid-shaped.

Orange-brown or a dark brown that is nearly black-brown in colour are two separate colours.

Although some gallstones can be as large as hen’s eggs, which can weigh up to 100 grams, the typical gallstone is more likely to be the size of a pigeon’s egg and weigh about 10 grams.


Many bovines have Ox Gallstones development, which mostly depends on their age and food.

In essence, they are in the gallbladder.

There are many different types of cattle.
Depending on the country, it may include cows, oxen bulls, buffaloes, zebus, bison, yaks, and gaurs.

Lucrative Market of Ox Gallstones


Ox gallstones are used in pharmacopoeia.

They are used in medical formulas because of their sedative, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties.

They are in particular used for treatments of hepatic problems.

Commercial value


Cow Gallstones have a significant commercial value that can reach up to 72 000 USD* per kilogram. Their value depends on their size, their quality, the conditions of their preservation and their texture.

For an organization with bovine-related activities, collecting gallstones can be a very profitable source of additional revenue, especially seeing that it doesn’t require any additional expenses or investments.

Our company is fully committed to purchasing all your bovine gallstones, up to 50.00 USD* per gram depending on their quality and preservation. 1 Ounce = 28.35 grams.

So it might be highly profitable to add the opening of each bovine gallbladder into your work routine, in order to check for the presence of gallstones.

Simply follow our recommendations for their preservation, so that you can optimize the value of your gallstones, and we will purchase them at the highest rates available.

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