Ox/Cow bladder gallstone for sale

Ox/Cow gallstone

Since 1988 we deliver Ox/Cow bladder gallstone for sale from various regions of the World, with the vast majority originating from Europe. Otherwise, gallstones from ex-soviet states and regions spanning across south to central America and also Africa are available at times.

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What is Cow Gallstone?

We are suppliers of high-quality cow gallstones. We have for immediate import well dried, raw natural ox gallstones from disease-free cows. Type: Ox Gallstones Color: Mix Packaging Packaging Details: As per buyers request Delivery Detail: 1-4 Days. Contact for more details. So need cow gallstone.

100% whole stones
90% whole stones / 10% broken
80% whole stones / 20% broken
100 % Broken and 100 % Powder


If you are looking for different kinds of gall stones price like cow gallstones price and ox gallstones price, you are searching for the best online website. That is willing to provide every sort of gallstones, and then you should contact us.

On our website, you can get full cleaned gallstones for cow, and their sizes depend on the age and the diet of the animal because it gets from the gallbladder of the animal. But we provide you with high-quality gallstones at reasonable rates.

It mostly seems that the gallstone of the ox is used by different pharmacopoeia to make various medicines because of its unique qualities.

These are used for hepatic treatment, which is why this product is considered very scarce.

If you want a buy a cow gallstone for any purpose, you should contact us because we are here for you to provide high-quality service. If you want your data in bulk, we can also handle your order without taking extra charges.

We provide our products throughout the world, so without taking any tension to contact us to book your order from any place in the world. Ox/Cow bladder gallstone for sale

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