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Buy Diseased Free Cow Gallstones, The gallstones are separated from any waste product such as the bile, and bile tubes and are extracted near the liver. Washed with cold water in order to remove any blood or other imperfections. They are then stored in a dark, well-air-conditioned, room, at 20°C, for two to three weeks, where they dry. In order to dry them more effectively and to avoid them sticking together, they are flipped to another side regularly. After the end of the drying process, the stones are vacuum-packed and sealed.

Gallstones(Niuhuang) are frequently used in Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) with Coptisroot(Huanglian), Rhinohorn(Xijao), Animalic Musk (Shexiang), natural Indigo(Qindai) and the Ghostleafflower (Jinyinhua) in the Formula Angong Niuhuang Wan.

Quality and Classification

  • Especially high demand exists for gallstones with the following properties: light yellow, golden or orange colour.
  • Stones that are well-dried
  • Zarge stones
  • Bilirubin content not below 35%
  • Dark stones will also be bought but for significantly lower prices

The usage of animal biles in China for the treatment of a wide number of disorders in human beings enjoys a three-millennium history. Documentation has been extensive as evidenced by the lineage of tomes on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Chinese materia medica. Moreover, the so-called “precious” pigment gallstone, a solid artefact found occasionally in the gallbladders of oxen, was extensively employed for multiple medicinal purposes in TCM.

What are the 3 types of gallstones?

The traditional classification scheme classified gallstones into 3 types according to cholesterol content, including cholesterol stone (cholesterol content ≥70%), pigment stone (cholesterol content ≤30%) and mixed stone (30% ≤cholesterol content ≤70%)

What is the use of cattle gallstones?

The stones are used in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of hepatitis and liver and heart-related diseases. It has also been suggested by some elders in the beef game that they are used as an aphrodisiac in Japan visit us

Treatment options for gallstones include:

  • Surgery to remove the gallbladder (cholecystectomy). Your doctor may recommend surgery to remove your gallbladder since gallstones frequently recur. …
  • Medications to dissolve gallstones. Medications you take by mouth may help dissolve gallstones.

Functions of Cow Gallstones

Because human gallstones, with relatively few exceptions, are mostly made of cholesterol, the problem of cholesterol gallstone production is fundamentally one of cholesterol precipitation in the bile. The cholesterol-containing stones make up a huge majority of all Buy Diseased Free Cow Gallstones, and according to Peel1, the cholesterol content of mixed concrements averages at least 80%.

This cholesterol may be in virtually pure crystalline form or may be combined with different proportions of bile pigments or calcium. The main exceptions are calcium carbonate and pigment stones. Although frequent in animals, these stones are extremely uncommon in people.

The entirely different composition of the two classes of stones, together with the fact that cholesterol stones are never found in animals, suggests the probability that they have an entirely different pathogenesis.

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