Where to buy cemac permit in cameroon

Where to buy Cemac permit in Cameroon

Where to buy cemac permit in Cameroon from trusted and reputable vendors from the government’s official website. If you looking for Where to buy cemac permit online? Bertoua Savanna Local Miners (BSLMgold) in Africa Cameroon. Can I buy Cemac permit in Cameroon now these days from 2023 at BSLMGOLD? Yes, you can purchase a Gold license permit without any trouble. How to order Cemac gold license these days without getting scammed looking to purchase Gold bars. Can you order Gold buyers license? Yes, you can get a Cemac buyer’s permit license for the sale from the Ministry of Mines in Cameroon.

Where to buy Cemac permit in Cameroon

Since Cameroon is a CEMAC member state, you need the CEMAC Buyer’s permit before you can buy gold from Cameroon. If you are looking for some stunning gold and diamond products to add to your collection, you can go to our website and shop. Where to buy cemac permit online

Order Gold from Cameroon Online with a Cemac buyer’s permit license

Great news for you. The process of ordering gold from Cameroon has been greatly cut down thanks to the persistent advocacy of some dedicated stakeholders in the gold mining and trading arena, Bertoua Savanna Local Miners (BSLMgold) included. Secondly, you can order gold directly online. No need for visas and coming in person. We can arrange everything for you, especially the process of acquiring a CEMAC Buyer’s Permit which is a compulsory requirement for anyone ordering gold from a CEMAC Member State like Cameroon.

Now you can order gold products such as gold nuggets, gold dore bars, gold bars, and gold dust from any reputable Cameroon-based registered mining company such as Bonas Gold completely online. BONAS Gold is truly your number-one partner for gold and other precious metals from Cameroon. Don’t hesitate to contact us and order gold as soon as you are ready.

Where to buy Cemac permit in Cameroon


The CEMAC Buyers Permit is issued by the Ministry of Mines to show that the buyer is an approved buyer of Gold and Diamonds with the CEMAC Countries.

This Permit enables the buyer to trade in Gold, Diamonds, and Gemstones in countries within the CEMAC region. The CEMAC BUYERS PERMIT has a duration of 1, 2, 5, and 10 years and it is also renewable. The permit authorizes you to buy Gold and Diamonds across any of the CEMAC member countries. Can you order a Gold buyers license?

The CEMAC BUYERS PERMIT can be obtained directly by the buyer from the Ministry of Mines, applying using the Application Form.


Please make sure you verify your supplier with us in other to confirm his/her authenticity and genuine nature before providing the funds for the application for a CEMAC permit License. We advise foreign Buyers to only trade with recognized Companies for their security and safety.

Payment directly into the Ministry’s bank account or via money remittances (Western Union, RIA Money, or Moneygram).

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